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Reported to be the 'injectable moisturiser'

Profhilo is a unique stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid


It is BDDE-free and has one of the highest concentration of HA on the market (62mg/2ml). It not only boost and hydrates the skin, it treats skin laxity and remodels ageing and sagging tissues. Collagen, fat and elastin in within our skin decreases markedly as we age; This results in the loss of volume and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with a general dulling of the skin.

Profhilo has been held as a revolutionary product for rejuvenating skin, adding lustre, and combatting the signs of ageing. Primarily, it is used to treat the face but it can also be used to rejuvenate the neck, décolletage, hands, arms and even knees.

Initial treatment is a course of 2 sessions, 28 days apart. A single maintenance treatment is then advised every 6 months, or sooner if preferred.

Initial Course:

2 x 2 ml Treatments, 4 weeks apart - £400

Maintenance recommended every 6 months:

1 x 2 ml Treatment - £225

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